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The Ultimate flight school solution

Flightschools are migrating to the LSA category in order to give their students an increased flight experience while maintaining low operations costs, which translates to increased profit over time.

30%Lower operating costs and maintenance than the standard trainer. Higher tech cockpits, visibility, space, LSAs are lighter, safer,faster and more aerodynimic.

Switching to Evektor airccraft will

  1. Improve your operative cost: Harmony LSA is the safest and most reliable  in its category while generating the maximum possible margin.

  2. Fuel Efficient: Less fuel burned= Less refueling=More hours flown.

  3. Improve flight school image: Newer, state of the art aircraft means you put students safety always first. You will now be part of the top class schools in your region, which means increased sales. 

Training business

Engine choice

Rotax is leading the fligh training industry with more than 50% of the market.

(100HP-fuel injected) Lowest operating cost and engine maintenance. This the option recommended for flightschools based operating below 5,000 feet. 

(115HP-two-carb-Turbo engine). High altitude operation.Recommended for flightschools based operating above 5,000ft. The 914ul gives the pilot an average regime of ascent of 1,1000ft in a 8,000 ft of elevation aerodrome. Giving the student enough power to maintain a safe operation without the inestability and excess power the Rotax915is(145HP turbo) tends to give, increasing flight/hour students risk.

Gráfica comparativa de consumo de combustible de HarmonyLSA.
Gráfica comparatíva del Tiempo entre Overhaul de HarmonyLSA.

Rotax engines have less parts than a Continental or Lycoming, which makes it lighter and less expensive to maintain.

50 hrs: General visual inspection. 

100 hrs: Change of Sparkplugs, Check/Change filters.

2000 hrs: Perform TBO Aprox 60% of new engine.

Gráfica comparatíva del motor de HarmonyLSA.


Harmony LSA is equipped with Garmin G3X Touch panels coupled with Garmin hightech NAV/COMM, IFR navigators (GPS/VOR/ILS), autopilots, and backup G5s, make HarmonyLSA a qualified technologically advanced aircraft. HarmonyLSA is being used to satisfy the commercial pilot certificate in flightschools all around the world. Using modern avionics teaches students to become proficient with the advanced systems and prepares them for the systems-intensive experience they will experience as an airline pilot.

Cabina de alta tecnología de HarmonyLSA.


HarmonyLSA has an ALL-ROBUST metal airframe, making it ideal for Intense flight school operations and begginer students hard landings due to HarmonyLSA strong landing gear.

HarmonyLSA has demonstrated many times its long durability completing +150 flight hours a month in American flight schools. 

HarmonyLSA blanco de escuela JetAccess de fondo.



Ficha de especificaciónes técnicas del HarmonyLSA.

Video of harmonylsa demonstrating a full stall.

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