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*Flexible study benefit for HARMONY LSA buyers only.*

For our private clients who do not have a pilot license, we make it easier for them to obtain their license through our collaboration with certified flight schools in the country. We give you the opportunity to study with a very flexible program. This way you obtain your license at the same time that your new Harmony LSA aircraft is manufactured and delivered, so you will be able to move with great ease in no time.

You Now get to be your own Pilot.

Fixed Wing Private Pilot

Approximate time


6 months

Depends on our clients place of residence


You Get


Fixed Wing Private Pilot License



You will obtain the fundamental bases and principles. Carry out a safe visual flight from origin to destination. This course allows you to carry out your duties as a pilot of a fixed-wing single-engine private aircraft under the security and legal standards applicable at the time. The theory is carried out online with the option of requesting a physical instructor to solve your most complex doubts. With AirbusinessNow you can do the flight hours in an exclusive aircraft for you, cessna 150, cessna 172, cessna 182 so that you finish your 40 hours as quickly as you decide.

Student private pilot with his pair of headsets on.
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